Under the guidance of Dr. Martin Heselius, a German physician (or, as he prefers, 'medical philospher') Visual Gothic's editor, Ada, translates, edits and publishes those cases that they both feel might benefit an interested laity.

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Ada Brunswick

editor, translator (21st century)

Ada, who had been carefully educated in metaphysics and theology never got the chance to practice either. Expelled from the Convent of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, shortly before the end of her novitiate (for good reason, one might add) she had lost not only her calling but also her home. She has never been quite focused since and rarely spent more than a few weeks in the same place.

During this aimless wandering she became acquainted with Dr. Martin Heselius, a wanderer like herself and an enthusiast. They bonded quickly over the works of Swedenborg, especially his Arcana Caelestia.

Ada and Martin discoursing

Dr. Martin Heselius

physician, medical philosopher (19th century)

Recently, Martin had grown disillusioned by the realities of his science, its "all too material" approach which seemed to continuously provide more questions than answers, while fashioning itself as the holy grail of scientific progress during the second half of the 19th century. Thus, he had prescribed himself an indefinite break from the profession during which he met Ada. After returning to his profession he made it a point to seek out those cases which had "the least likelihood of rewarding inquiry" in the hopes of furthering his theories in regards to the interplay between the spiritual and physical world.

Random Name

As, unlike Dr. Heselius, Ada was unable to return to her profession she became the doctor's editor and translator. After all, thanks to her theological education, studying, translating and interpreting texts was second nature to her.